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  • The real Data Science course

    APRIL 20-21
    Feyzi Bagirov
    Data Scientist at Metadata.io


    Feyzi Bagirov

    Data Scientist at Metadata.io

    Public Speaker, Online Educator

    On April 20-21, Feyzi Bagirov will arrive to Ukraine from the USA to hold a two-day Data Science Course. A highly skilled Data Scientist, an analyst with 12 years of experience, a speaker of many tech conferences, an educator and startup mentor.


    Feyzi teaches at few American universities, he has participated in the creation of the graduate Master of Science in Data Analytics at the University of Maryland University College, and was a Founding Director of an undergraduate program (Bachelor of Science in Data Science) at Becker College.


    Feyzi Bagirov has an extensive experience as an online educator, developing and teaching courses on Data Science, Data Analytics, Game Analytics and Data Mining subjects in a number of online undergraduate and graduate programs.


    For the past 4 years, Mr. Bagirov worked on various analytical and educational projects and startups in the United States and overseas (Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Senegal and Mozambique). He is also a frequent speaker at a number of Data Science and Analytical conferences in the USA and worldwide (PyData, Predictive Analytics World etc.)




    Metadata provides a closed-loop account based marketing solution that amplifies your marketing campaigns with opt-in qualified leads. Our patented technology pulls your historical sales data, enriches it, profiles your ideal customer (both company and persona) and finally orchestrates the process of accelerating existing opportunities & targeting net new accounts.


    About the course


    Audience level:
    Intermediate to Advanced
    Python intermediate skills


    Why should you attend the course?


    You will learn about the main tools of data analysis, decision-making based on data and, most important, will be able to personally communicate with an experienced specialist.


    Who really is Data Scientist, how it differs from Data Analytics and how to build a reasonable sales process and attract new customers with the data your company already has.


    Feyzi consults companies around the world and helps to set up a data process to improve marketing campaigns.



    Who will be interested in:


    Course language: Russian.

    Venue: iHUB, Kyiv, 10 Khreschatyk St

    Course program:

    DAY 1

    • Introductions
    • What is Data Science, Big Data and how is it different from Data Analytics;
    • What skills do Data Scientists need?
    • Descriptive vs Predictive vs Prescriptive; Supervised vs Unsupervised
    • Explorative Analysis I – Data Cleanup and Manipulation
    • Data Cleanup Q&A
    • Explorative Analysis II – Visualizations
    • Visualizations Q&A
    • Regression – simple vs multiple vs multivariate
    • Regression Q&A
    • Classification (logistic regression)
    • Closing notes and Q&A

    DAY 2

    • Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP), objectives and processes
    • Regular Expressions
    • RegEx Q&A
    • Text processing and tokenization
    • Tokenization Q&A
    • Word Embeddings
    • WE Q&A
    • Part-of-Speech-Tagging
    • POST Q&A
    • Dependency Parsing
    • DP Q&A
    • Deep Learning for Classification
    • Closing notes and Q&A

    Сourse schedule


    Buy 3 tickets Get 10%
    Buy 5 tickets Get 15%
    25% discount for student

    8 March only
    1 day (April 20 or 21)
    2900 ₴
    2 days
    3700 ₴

    March 1-31
    1 day (April 20 or 21)
    3500 ₴
    2 days
    4900 ₴

    April 1-21
    1 day (April 20 or 21)
    3900 ₴
    2 days
    5500 ₴

    Participants have the opportunity to visit whether 1 or 2 days of the “The Real Data Science: How to Work in the USA” course, however, Feyzi Bagirov advises completing a full two-day program.