Make math great again. Basic Mathematics Course

Mariia Koroliuk and Mariia Dvoriashyna

Mariia Koroliuk, Data Science Jedi
Mariia Dvoriashyna, Applied mathematician

December 1 — 2

from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm

National Pedagogical Dragomanov University

Pyrohova str., 9


How often do you regret skipping university math lectures? Remember yourself looking for education materials on Coursera and YouTube?

On December 1-2 join Make math great again. Basic Mathematics Course to refresh your knowledge and get new features.

Mariia Koroliuk and Mariia Dvoriashyna received mathematical education at the best universities in the world (Genoa, Oxford, Hamburg and Warwick) and are willing to share their knowledge on the two-day Make math great again. Basic Mathematics Course 1-2 December. The course will help you to refresh the basics of mathematics in 2 days, review the latest approaches to science and understand how to apply math for personal needs. During the course, invited experts from the IT industry will speak.

Mariia Koroliuk

Data Science Jedi

Maria studied at one of the top 5 universities in the UK – Warwick University – and got her master’s degree. Mariia previously worked for McKinsey&Company, serving major F500 firms, with 60% of her projects specializing in analytics for marketing, such as client segmentation, next product to buy and churn models. She obtained her MSc in Mathematics at the Warwick University, UK and used to lead projects in London, Wroclaw, Minsk, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich and more.

Mariia Dvoriashyna

Applied mathematician

Mariia is a final year PhD student at the University of Genoa (Italy), working in mathematical modelling of fluid flows in the human eye. Mariia completed her undergraduate degree with honors in the department of Mechanics and Mathematics at National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv in 2013. She then enrolled into an Erasmus Mundus MSc in Mathematical Modelling in Engineering (MathMods), and obtained a joint masters degree with honors between University of L’Aquila (Italy) and University of Hamburg (Germany) in 2015. After that, she started her PhD project in a collaboration with Imperial College London (UK) and University of Oxford (UK), where Mariia spent part of her PhD training.

Mariia is interested in application of mathematics to real world problems. In the last four years she has attended multiple problem-solving workshops and study groups of Mathematics in Industry, one of which she initiated and contributed to organising (ESGI 136th, L’Aquila, Italy, May 2018).

For whom the course was developed:

  • students who seek to study real cases instead of dry theory
  • business and financial analysts
  • junior developers

After the lecture, you will be able to understand basics of advanced mathematical concepts and tools, learn how to approach and solve some problems in linear algebra and calculus, implement them in Python.

Invited speakers

Dmytro Lavrinenko

Solutions Architect, SoftServe

Borys Pratsiuk

Head of R&D, Ciklum

Course program

December 1

Applications of mathematics in life

  • Industry
  • Medicine
  • Life Sciences

Introduction to Calculus: functions of one variable

  • Definition of a function
  • Examples of functions of one variable
  • Graphics of functions and plotting them in Matplotlib

Borys Pratsiuk, Head of R&D, Ciklum

  • Topic: How Maths Helps in Real Data Science Projects

Introduction to Calculus: derivatives p.1

  • Derivative of a function, physical definition of a derivative
  • Derivative of sum, product, fraction; chain rule
  • Examples of finding derivatives and SymPy

Q&A session

December 2

Introduction to Calculus: derivatives p.2

  • Critical points of a functions
  • Second derivative, convex functions
  • Finding minimum and maximum of functions, simple optimization problems

Introduction to Calculus: integration

  • Antiderivative of a function
  • Definite integral and Leibniz integral rule
  • Finding area between two curves, examples in Python

Dmytro Lavrinenko, Solutions Architect, SoftServe

  • Topic: How to get paid for applying math in IT and not become ashamed

Basics of linear algebra with examples in Python p.1

  • Vectors and operations with them, graphical representation and implementation in NumPy
  • Matrices and operation with them

Basics of linear algebra with examples in Python p.2

  • Solving systems of linear equations
  • Matrix factorization