— At least 5-7 years of leadership experience in the international company;
— Proof experience in managing the development and implementation of complex IT projects in a dynamic business environment;
— Proof experience of interaction with managers of various business functions;
— Practical skills of introducing innovative technologies in the organization;
— Experience of building and leadership in the vision, strategy and digital initiatives that define the key strategic technological direction for the organization or business function;
— Excellent knowledge of modern technological trends, corporate IT landscape/infrastructure;
— Higher education in the field of information technology;
— Excellent knowledge and experience in Agile frameworks and tools (SCRUM, SAFe, Kanban, Design Thinking, Lean canvas, etc.);
— Excellent knowledge and experience in IT Service Management (ITIL).


— Form a digital vision, develop a digital strategy and manage the creation of IT products in accordance with the strategic initiatives of the company;
— Manage the program for the digital transformation of business functions and be responsible for its implementation;
— Interact with the top management of the company, in order to determine the strategic directions and priorities of business functions and determine how IT can contribute to their implementation;
— Lead the team, manage and evaluate the work of the team, develop people, attract and retain talents;
— Manage the roadmap of IT products and implementation plans, ensure synchronization of the implementation of technological roadmap with business functions and global IT architecture;
— Manage IT infrastructure in order to ensure business continuity in the field of highly loaded processing systems;
— Monitor and ensure the availability of IT resources and capabilities to support the digital initiatives of the company from the IT department;
— Raise awareness of IT, innovation, digital culture in the organization. Participate in the development and conduct appropriate communication programs and trainings;
— Study continuously how technologies can be implemented to solve business problems; Advise business function managers on the potential values ​​of new technologies.


Location: Kyiv
Type: Full-time