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ML Engineer

— About 7 years` overall IT experience;
— 3+ years deep learning researcher/engineer in NLP;
— Python, C++, Matlab;
— NLP, Computer Vision;
— experience in leading team;
— C#, .NET, Node.js, Web Technologies;
— high priority - NLP projects;
— good English.

ML Engineer

— 3+ years experience in ML;
— Computer Vision, Deep Learning, ML, Python ;
— experienced in full R&D flow: from research papers, building fast MVP to deploying scalable models to production testing and analysis for the business case;
— good English;
— wants possibility working remotely some time.

Senior/Lead Data Scientist

— 5+ years of experience Data Science + Data analysis + software engineering;
— have experience in projects with ML, NLP, CV;
good English;
excellent soft skills;
— ready to consider projects both in Kyiv and with relocation.

Data Scientist

— 5+ year experience as Data scinetist in building predictive models to increase profitability, retention internal and attraction external clients;
— 7+ years experience working with databases (Oracle, Sybase);
— SQL, Python, R;
— main expertise in bank domain;
— Scikit-learn, xgboost, lightgbm, pandas, numpy, featuretools

ML Engineer

— 3.5+ years experience in IT as a developer and ML Engineer;
— Experience with Python, Big Data, C++;
— Willing to work with Computer vision;
— good English;
— ready to relocate to Ukraine.

Data Scientist

— 3+ years experience in data science as a ML Engineer and Data Scientist;
— 3+ years experience as a Software Engineer;
— Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python (TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-learn), C++;
— good English and soft skills.

Business Analyst / Product Owner

— More than 6 years of experience;
— good English;
— set of all the necessary skills: SQL, Jira + Confluence, BPMN | UML notations, Requirements management, Data analysis, etc;
— the candidate has Russian citizenship but really wants to relocate to Ukraine, Kyiv.

Client's feedback

Jake Diner

Founder and CEO, Elafris Inc

One thing I wanted to highlight about Data Scientist that I was particularly impressed with the ability to adjust based on our feedback. Hiring is a long iterative process and getting your recruiter on the same page takes time, but with Data Scientist UA, it was very easy and effective. I do recommend using this service and they are already looking for our next candidate.

Oleg Bilozor

CEO and Founder, Reply

The work with Data Scientist UA was a blast. Minimum number of questions, maximum number of highly skilled candidates delivered. At the end, instead of hiring one Engineer, we ended up hiring two, since both was great and good fit for us.

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