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    Maria Koroliuk

    Recommendation models for Marketing and Sales problems?

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    Workshop “Recommendation models for Marketing and Sales problems”

    What are the recommendation models and how to apply them in the data analysis?
    Within 3 hours of the workshop, you will learn about the construction of recommendation models and how to apply them to increase sales and succeed in marketing activities.



    Maria Koroliuk

    Independent digital consultant, previously McKinsey Advance analytics core practitioner

    Maria previously worked for McKinsey&Company, serving major F500 firms, with 60% of her projects specializing in analytics for marketing, such as client segmentation, next product to buy and churn models. She obtained her MSc in Mathematics at the Warwick University, UK and used to lead projects in London, Wroclaw, Minsk, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich and more. How she is freelancing and preparing for her Round the World Trip, starting the Central Asia in less than a month.

    Who will be interested in the event:

    Master class

    To prepare a presentation for the given data and methods on 2-3 slides. The presentation contains the results of the work performed and should help to increase the level of product sales.

    A total of 5 teams of 7 people each. The teams will be formed by the mentor for the correct distribution of skills and knowledge of the participants. Each participant performs its part of the work: one person is preparing a code, the second is a story for the results, and the third one is a presentation …

    Task description:

    Recommendations for the next steps in analyzing marketing research:

    Requirements for participants:


    18:30-19:00 – Registration
    19:00-19:30 – Lecture “Needs and examples of recommendation models in the analysis”
    19:30-22:00 – Practical part of the workshop and discussion of the results

    iHUB, Kyiv, 10 Khreschatyk Str.
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