Machine Learning Research Engineer

Необхідні навички

— 2+ years of experience researching and developing Machine Learning algorithms;
— Solid mathematical background. Work in the field of topology will be a strong plus;
— Practical experience in developing Computer Vision solutions;
— Ability to quickly prototype and implement new ideas, finding simple and accurate problem solutions;
— Programming skills in Python (numpy, OpenCV);
— Solid fundamentals in classical Machine Learning / Deep Learning;
— Understanding of main principles of generative models;
— Working knowledge of at least one Deep Learning framework (PyTorch preferred).

Буде плюсом

— You have experience with GAN
— Your own projects on GitHub in your favorite field of machine learning that you can show and tell about.


Being part of the team, on a typical workday you are going to do either of the following:
1. Extract state-of-the-art papers’ core approaches;
2. Dissect these cores into pros and cons;
3. Reforge approaches to counter weaknesses;
4. Implement swiftly demo quality prototypes;
5. Convert proven useful prototypes into well-documented production-ready code.

Про вакансію:

Локація: Київ
Зайнятiсть: повна