– custom CI/CD solution management

– git-based config management

– custom scala/python health-check/daily status reporting tools

– possible tasks to extend for new pipeline components and/or types of checks

– supporting team productivity tools (version upgrades, database backups, new/stale user accounts)

– jira, teamcity, github

– supporting build/deploy infrastructure

– docker repositories, artifactory, continuous build configurations

– supporting QA environment with following components:

– Zookeeper, Mesos, Singularity, Spark, Node.js



– diligence, reliability

– willingness to master unfamiliar technologies

– non-abstract large system design skills: distributed network applications, capacity planning

– containerization tools, 12-factor application practices

– ability to diagnose performance issues in distributed systems

– careful attention to details in task specification

– basic Computer Science qualifications

– Languages/Platforms:

  • python – must have
  • docker – must have
  • kubernetes, mesos – must have
  • java / scala – ability to digest stack traces is required, any deeper skills will be a plus
  • prometheus / grafana – will be a plus