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    Data Science is not that difficult as it seems to be when is learned together with your peers. Aware of the importance of synergy, we also conduct workshops on a regular monthly basis where you can immediately put the knowledge you gained from experienced specialists into practice.

    We believe that together we can raise talents that will be the driving force in Data Science World. There are all the prerequisites for that. Ukrainian students traditionally have a solid mathematical background and our experts who lead workshops have a wealth of experience in implementing international Data Science projects.

    We live in country where the electronic government system was proposed for the first time in 1964, and the image recognition technology now used by Google was developed in 1970s. However, we are confident that our greatest results are still ahead of us. We just need to create the environment where everyone can discover his full potential and help others – let’s do it together.

    We are open to your propositions. If you can recommend a speaker or want to make a presentation yourself, please contact us.

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